Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"On" switch

Work in progress
by Susan Roux

Oh my gosh! I've been granted the Sunshine Award again!!!

Thank you Claire Kayser. I never expected that. I won't go through the whole process of giving it again since I did it less than 2 weeks ago and my choices would be the same...

Here were my choices.
I would also like to direct you to Don Gray's paintings. I missed him last time around...

I've been experimenting with my art lately. Posted is an unfinished scene from Cape Cod. I like the direction its going in, but I must say I struggled with it. I'm not happy with the front grasses and will be returning to fix them. While overworking the area, my colors turned muddy. Better to let it rest at this point...

Funny how some paintings just seem to paint themselves and others... well, they don't.

My plan is to paint again today. There's good energy circling around pushing me it this direction. So much so, it has pulled me away from blogging daily, as I can't seem to leave my studio! I'm not fighting it. I love the feeling and I know all you faithful readers will understand. Sometimes we are not in control of our creativity. It doesn't come with an on off switch!

I hope your non-existing switch is stuck on "on" too! Its great at helping the cabin fever months pass quicker. On that note, February is better than half way through.

You know what comes next?

Who said spring? Here in Maine, its "mud season"!

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  1. Tu cherches le chemin pour aller à la plage?
    As-tu réussi à obtenir ce que tu désires? En attendant j'aime cette ouverture sur le rêve océanique... Bisous


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