Monday, February 8, 2010


I sit here this morning, looking at all the beautiful art you post, and I just want to jump up and paint. Unfortunately all that sticks in my head is I've been selected for jury duty! I can't begin tell you how much this is disrupting my life. Today and tomorrow selections will be made and hopefully I'll have a schedule as to when I'm needed. This is stressing me out beyond my capacity.

My objective is to post up-lifting posts and I am failing miserably! Sorry for that.

On the brighter side. I'm adding a new student to my Tuesday night class and my Adult Ed class starts Thursday night. Hopefully I won't be stuck in court and can actually keep my teaching commitments. It will be my sanity through this.

I need to change my thoughts, so I'm posting a picture of delphiniums.

These are from a wonderful gardener's home. Her name incidentally is Rose. She is a friend/acquaintance who I contacted last summer to ask if I could teach a plein air workshop on her property. She had moved since I'd last seen her, so the gardens were a complete surprise to me. I returned several times to paint there. She had the most magnificent delphiniums and I took my friend Sandy Dunn to come paint them with me. I don't know Rose's secret but she had blossoms whose circumference were larger than my head! Sandy could not believe it. We were stuck, mesmerized and completely unsure how to capture this grandeur in our paintings. We never did capture the scale. It would have taken a figure or something recognizable in the painting, but all we wanted to do was paint delphinium! The one's posted here are new baby plants.

I'm certain we'll return to try again this summer!

Nothing like beautiful flowers to put the mind at ease and relieve some stress. Dreams of summer. That will be my thought for the day...

Happy dreaming!


  1. I love the colors in those delphiniums! So inspiring.

  2. I want to go with you to see these delphiniums!
    I thought to you and i hope it was better than you afraid...
    Moi aussi j'ai un besoin d'été, de chaleur. De fleurs. Je t'envoie un bouquet de fleurs ma Susan. Bisous


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