Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunshine award

I received the Sunshine Bloggers Award. How exciting! It made my day...

I hope this means I'm bringing a ray of sunshine into someone's day. It was my purpose in the beginning. Evaluating myself, I think I fall short of that on many posts, but thank you Jamie for appreciating my blog.

Jamie is from artsyfartsyme, a blog I read regularly. She has granted me this award.

As a recipient, I need to pass it along to 12 of you. If you aren't familiar with these blogs, I suggest you go take a peek.

1) Every Other Day Paintings- Roisin is a very talented Irish painter.
2) Jeanne Illenye-Still Lifes- Jeanne paints very realistic treasures.
3) Celeste Bergin- Celeste takes you on a journey of excitement with soft emotional paintings.
4) Nora Kasten Fine Art Blog- Nora paints rich colorful florals that I love.
5) Ma Dollhouse Joue Un Grand Air De Peinture- Martine-Alison is a friend and new blogger- go peek and follow. She has wonderful treasures she'll be sharing...
6) Plein Air Painting Journal- Jill's paintings are poetic.
7) Coral Barclay Musings on Painting- Carol paints bright tiny treasures.
8) Carolyn's (Almost) Daily Paintings- Carolyn is very talented.
9) Becky Joy's Day to Day Painting- Becky paints with heart and atmosphere.
10) The Open Drawer- Jay has wonderful drawings and amazing "stuck in the box" paintings.
11) Angie Rea- Angie creates delicate scenes with woodburning.
12) Daily Drawings- Ester's drawings are inspiring.

There are rules for accepting the Sunshine Award. If you're a recipient, please go read them.

There are many other blogs that I enjoy following. Jamie said it was hard to pick only 12, so she didn't, and I can understand why. There is a wealth of talent out there! I find it inspiring that you take time to post your work and your thoughts. Thank you all for that...


  1. Susan - What a sweet thing you've done in adding me to your list and "thank you". Especially since the last few weeks I've been dabbling in abstract and experimenting with new paints such as Holbien Duo Oils, Matisse Acrylics and WN Griffin Alkyds. Now I am missing painting florals but still have some abstracts I want to complete. Your red-orange flower against the blue sky award is the first thing I saw on my blog this morning. . . . Congratulations 100 times to YOU.

  2. Your blog is full of life & light. Well deserved acknowledgment! Your highlight the beauty of the well as enhancing your own creativity, that alone is inspiring.
    (Your reflections in "Slowing Down" are terrific!!)

    Thank You for considering my art blog noteworthy. And to consider my work poetic... that's a very gracious & heartwarming compliment. Much appreciation for spreading your sunshine my way.

  3. thanks so much Susan! Very sweet of you :)

  4. Bravo Susan ! Tu mérites cette nouvelle distinction. Tu te donnes tellement pour nous faire rêver. Malgré l'éloignement je prends le thé chaque matin avec toi, puisque tu es la cerise sur le gâteau. Je voyage à travers tes toiles... MERCI, Bisous.

  5. Thank you Susan for honoring me with the Sunshine Award! It was a wonderful surprise!!


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