Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colored Fields

You know you're longing for a change in season, when you plan an imaginary trip on the internet...

That was me yesterday.

After painting all morning past lunch, I sat with tea to rest my brain before my evening class. (Its my Wednesday night ladies, we have a ball...) I thought I'd blog, but I ended up in Tuscany.

You know it isn't the first time I drift off there. In January I posted Tuscany dreams.

Yesterday was different. As though pretending it was a reality, I sat and searched out everything. The flight cost, places to stay (oh they have some cool ones!), and even a car rental. Flights from here to Florence are absolutely out of control. Who tipped off the airlines that we all want to visit Tuscany?

I think its an artist's dream.

Aside from the cost, the biggest dilemma is when to go. The region has so much to offer. Perhaps the fields of poppies, the lavender rows, the vineyards bursting with grape clusters, the harvest or even the sunflowers? I think I would have to stay there from May to grape harvest! How else could I capture it all?

Can you just imagine taking half a year off from your life to paint Tuscany? Oh yes, you know I'm just dreaming. But if your going to dream, why not make it big?

Much like Ireland, you can rent full houses at very reasonable prices. I'm drawn to the old stone ones. You know at all times you're not in Kansas anymore when you wake up surrounded by ancient stone. Something about that makes me feel so connected to the past. Its such a comfortable feeling. Humbling, but comfortable.

Come on, dream with me.

Were sitting at a lovely, round, stone table on the open outdoor terrace, overlooking fields and hills that go on forever. Tall stately trees dot the countryside. The sun is low and long shadows grow from their feet, curving with the landscape. In the evening's warmth, you sip full bodied red wine. Cheese, homemade bread and a cluster of plump juicy grapes fill the turquoise colored plate. Sitting with it on a white and orange flowered cloth is one, dainty, paper-like poppy. It rises and bends gracefully from the slender clear vase at the center of the table. You break off a nibble of cheese. Warm wine hits your lips and you breath in a long slow breath and exhale completely relaxed, sinking in your wrap-around chair. You dream of painting in the fields tomorrow...

Who wouldn't like that?

My sights have been on Tuscany for awhile. You know I won't rest until I get there. I'd better start saving my pennies...

Let your heart dream today. A warm smile will grow on your face and for a brief moment all your tension will drift away...

Posted: Colored Field 24x18" Original oil painting by Susan Roux


  1. Your painting is a dream! I loved seeing and hearing about your dream and enjoyed the little dreamy journey we went on. Hope so much you get to stay there for 6 months or longer to paint Tuscany! Thank you for sharing!



  2. Susan, your thoughts/dreams of Tuscany was a lovely escape for me...thank you for sharing. I was blessed enough to have spent two weeks in a small hillside village of Tuscany a few years truly was a dream...and certainly not enough time!

    Thanks for your comments and compliments on todays posting of my blog....appreciate it!

  3. ahhhhh.... feels like I'm right there beside you taking in the scenery and gazing into those beautiful fields. Pass that heavenly bread and cheese, will you please? ha ha

    I dream of the same thing every time I watch that great chick flick "Under the Tuscan Sun"... what a great dreamer movie.

    Great post.

  4. J'aime la Toscane et je me pose souvent la question suivante : pourquoi n'irais-je pas me dénicher une petite maison sympathique là-bas et vivre paisiblement au gré de ma peinture... et toi Susan tu serais ma première invitée... Je poursuis ton rêve!!!Bisous


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