Friday, December 18, 2009

Angela Jupe's garden

Angela Jupe's garden was magical.

Photographs can't capture its size, ambiance or beauty. I won't even try. I did however want to give you a glimpse of this hidden paradise. I hope it inspires you.

When my students saw the painting I did in the garden, they immediately wanted to paint it too. My class chose two different images and are currently working on capturing the essence and peaceful serenity they felt by merely looking at my photographs. I'm amazed at how well they are interpreting it. Each one's work is different, yet they are all depicting a haven that draws you in and makes you wish you could just go sit on their bench.

Imagine a peaceful morning, the sun warm on your shoulders, a cup of hot tea in your hands and a fragrant stroll down her many paths. Overwhelmed by her beauty, you'll sit on one of the many benches to contemplate all that is good and beautiful with the world. (a wonderful reprieve from the morning news) You'll be thankful for this time in your life and having this opportunity to be exactly where you are. Your mind empties. Calm surrounds you. Your spirit is lifted.

I wish to give you a quiet moment in the garden...

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