Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Have you had to drive passed a mall lately? Congestion doesn't even seem to describe it. Yesterday I was on 95 around the Boston area. The exits were absolutely insane. You had to look for one without any shopping malls to stop for gas and food or else add an additional 30 minutes to your stop to get on and off the ramp. Christmas week and its a shopping frenzy!

Gifts. Looking for gifts. Buying gifts. Giving gifts. Soon people will be returning gifts.

There are different types of gifts. I'd like to take a few minutes to mention the type you can't buy. Those more meaningful gifts that we are born with. Yes all of you are born with at least one gift. Its a given. Many have more than one. Those of us who are artists have probably known of our gift since childhood. Its likely a grownup told us even before we realized it for ourselves. As a child you think everyone can draw and color. Being creative is an easy gift to spot. But not all are.

I've met people who think nothing about themselves is special. How awful that must be. Its sad that some never realize their gift. Everyone has one. Everyone is special. Everyone has something to contribute. I know some gifts are not easy to spot. Anything visual stands out clearly, but what about all those hidden ones? For some, its the gift of caring or helping. Haven't you had a super special teacher or person in your life that made you feel you could achieve anything? I was fortunate to have many of those. Thanks Mom and Dad. That was surely but one of your special gifts.

All these given gifts are meant to be shared. I hope you're sharing yours. It will bring you happiness to do so. The gift of time. What a wonderful thing when someone gives of their time to another in need. It warms my heart just thinking about it. Think of the difference it makes. So many gifts are quiet and not showy. Yes everyone can see and hear the performer, but what about the person who stopped for a brief moment to help another?

I hope you've found your special gift. Maybe we can help those who haven't, find theirs. Feeling our worth. Feeling special in some way is so important. Knowing we're unique is empowering and gives us strength to share our gifts which in turn makes us smile and truly feel good. It isn't the store bought gifts that are the most important, its the simple things like a smile and a hello to a total stranger having a bad day. Its a helping hand, a boost when needed most. These are the things that really matter. These are the things that are best to give and share. These are the things that will bring you the greatest joy to give.

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  1. Yes, yes... comment oses-tu écrire tout cela sans me demander mes droits d'auteur !!! Tu lis parfaitement bien dans mes pensées ! Normal, je crois puisque toi et moi nous ressentons très souvent les choses de façon similaire.
    Je te félicite Susan pour ce que tu viens d'écrire, car il est même certain que chacun d'entre nous possède un don. Nous celui de la création artistique, pour d'autres ce sera la musique, l'écriture...
    Même dans notre don pour la peinture en général, je dirais qu'il y a aussi des dons plus particuliers. Certains vont être plus doués pour le dessin, d'autre seront plus coloristes ou les deux... d'autres ne seront pas créatifs mais seulement réalisateurs... Peu importance l'étendu du don, l'essentiel est la prise de conscience de ce cadeau bonheur qui est en nous. Certaines personnes prendront toute une vie pour découvrir qu'elles ont un don, d'autres ne connaîtront jamais rien. Mais tout simplement parce que je pense qu'elles sont trop superficielles... (je ne développerai pas car il y aurait trop à dire à ce sujet!)
    Moi ma chère Susan, tout comme toi, ce don respirait en moi très tôt. Et comme pour imager la chose : non seulement ce don respirait mais il ronflait si fort que je ne pouvais pas l'ignorer. Aussi comme de respirer, de boire, de manger et d'aimer, j'ai ce besoin irrésistible de peindre. C'est ma nourriture de vie. Je pense que ce don m'a aidé à vivre, il est la béquille de mon existence, de mon passage sur ce monde...
    Peu importe si ce je peins plaît ou pas... Ce que tu manges n'est pas toujours excellent aux yeux des autres, et personne ne t'en fait le reproche... alors ce qui compte c'est ton ressenti par rapport à ton don...
    Tu peux dire merci à tes parents de t'avoir soutenue dans ta démarche artistique. Et crois-moi qu'ils peuvent en être fiers, car tu as beaucoup de talent. Continues de nous faire rêver...


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