Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reach out

Art. I've been craving art. Its funny how artists, when deprived of painting time, can go absolutely nuts. Art isn't something we want to do (yeah, we do want to do it...), its something we "need" to do! This creative energy just wants to burst out uncontrollably. I watch my kitty bounce around with her new catnip mouse and it is exactly how I feel I will explode with art. A crazy frenzy of creativity! Watch out canvas, the colors are going to fly! (maybe tomorrow I'll find time to paint...)

Today I hung my exhibit at the hospital, Central Maine Medical Center. Its at 60 High Street, Lewiston Maine; please go check it out... It looked good.

Its a two-person exhibition space, and the artist hanging beside me was Sissi Ventrone. Sissi hung her students work. She is doing wonderful things with underprivileged kids, many of them Somalians. (an extra plus to go check out the show!) I had never met Sissi, but she is someone I'll be getting to know better. She is originally from Austria and is quite worldly. We had fun exchanging ideas as we quickly realized conversations like this were difficult to come by. We spoke on similar levels and the conversation was exciting and stimulating. In a short time we touched base on many topics I would love to expand on. Sissi, if you're reading, I'll be in touch soon.

I'm mentioning this unexpected encounter so you too will take the initiative to go meet strangers. Do it on the internet. Do it in person. It doesn't matter, just try it. Your mind will be introduced to new ideas and you will be stimulated and energized because of it. Soon we will begin a new year. A time when many set resolutions that quickly get broken. Maybe they aren't realized because they aren't fun or stimulating or the slight bit interesting. Make the resolution to meet someone out of your comfort circle and it will be hard to stop you from staying in contact or from finding other new people to meet. I tell you, it really is exciting!

Shake up your life. Invigorate yourself. Give yourself a shot of a natural high. Reach out and meet someone new. Surprises will happen...

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  1. Il est vrai que nous avons nous les artistes un double plaisir... La créativité/peinture et également celui d'exposer notre travail. Je pense qu'en ce qui concerne ceci tu vas pouvoir développer longuement et encore une fois nos idées se rejoindront...
    Mais en lisant la page de ton blog, il est sujet des rencontres faites au hasard de la vie, mais aussi faut-il se donner la possibilité de vouloir aller vers l'autre.
    Nous sommes sur terre pour échanger. Tant qu'on aura pas compris ça, on ne ne sera pas dans le juste et on se sentira malheureux.
    Malheureusement l'être humain est très égoïste parfois, il veut tellement tout à lui qu'il se coupe entièrement des autres. Pourquoi ? Très souvent pour l'argent, la jalousie, le pouvoir, l'envie... La finalité est qu'il devient bien pauvre car le seul enrichissement possible est l'échange. En donnant, on reçoit.
    En peingnant on donne, en exposant on donne, puis les visiteurs reçoivent.
    Et puis on rencontre un jour une fruitcake comme moi ! (petit clin d'oeil pour nous!!)


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