Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As the year winds down, do you find yourself reminiscing? Yeah, me too. Why is that? I've always looked forward to a new year. Its like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. What will the year bring? What opportunities await? What color will it take? The excitement of the possibilities tingle, childlike and happily, in a surge of goosebumps dancing upon my skin. There will be time to dwell on life's stress later, but for now the rush of hope and new discoveries take over. The wonderment makes me smile with anticipation. So I ask again, why are we looking back?

Is it the cards we recently received from nearly forgotten friends jolting our memory? Perhaps there is an underlying fear of the unknown making us cling to our past? Are we evaluating where we've been in order to progress forward? Or...?

I'm really not sure.

I do know my mind feels split as if in battle with itself. Part wants to bask in the unspoiled dream while the other part pushes and clutters the brain excessively. Its like a busy composition. It becomes hard to focus on one thing. Every thought competes with the next for attention. If only I could simplify. Maybe instead of evaluating myself, I should be evaluating my art...

Now there's a thought I can focus on.

Do my subjects command authority or are they lost in the confusion? Could I simplify things and still convey the same message? What about contrast? Too much? Too little? Do the colors harmonize? Should they be richer, perhaps duller? Is there variety in my brushstroke? Simplify yes, but how much is needed to retain interest?

Sorry folks. It seems to be a day of questions. Thank goodness there is a whole new year ahead. Maybe it will bring me some answers...


  1. LOL Susan..I totally understand. I spoke about my process in my Quilting Bee this week..I think for myself anyway, I really need to review what worked and didn't before I can clearly move on to the next year. Like clearing the canvas somehow. Starting clean.
    You write beautifully..wonderful post!
    Namaste, Sarah

  2. Здравствуй Сюзен! Пусть Новый Год принесет тебе много Любви, Радости,Творчества! Новых друзей и новых путешествий!!!!!!!!! C Любовью, Григорий. Россия

  3. Il faut rester soi-même. En ce qui me concerne,je ne ressens pas le besoin de me pencher sur mon année passée ou sur la nouvelle qui est toute proche. Je ressens cette sensation en septembre !!! Je fais le bilan de mon année de production, je me programme mes futurs objectifs...
    En revanche à l'aube de la nouvelle année je commence à faire un premier bilan en ce qui concerne cet objectif. Et aujourd'hui je suis satisfaite. Au moins une chose de positive dans ma vie !!!
    Je dois vraiment être "désaxée" !!! ou hors du temps...
    Rien empêche que je souhaite une heureuse année à tous, que cette année soit remplie de joie et de créativité... MILLE BISOUS


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