Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are you sewing seeds?

I've told you to dare to imagine and to go plant some seeds. They are both very important. Are you doing it? You never know where these things will take you. Its like a secret journey. Unlike the journeys we take towards fulfilling our dreams, these are totally unpredictable. Let me explain.

Yesterday when writing my blog I looked up a link to Angela Jupe to post for you. I'd tried to find her email when I returned from Ireland in October, but had failed. For some reason this time all sorts of information about her showed up in my Google search. I must have included "garden" in the search this time. Funny how one word can make all the difference in the world. Think of the word "love"...

Immediately after posting my blog, I emailed Angela. I always wanted to thank her again for allowing us to paint in her garden. How great to have a way to finally reach her! I told her that some of my students were painting her garden and I also sent her to my blog to read what I had written. A few short hours later I had a letter from her.

I can't tell you the excitement that I felt the rest of the day. Reconnecting with someone, especially someone in a different country that you think you'll never speak to again. She was very excited to hear from me and wants to see pictures of the paintings my students are doing. She would like to post them on her website! Wow my Wednesday night ladies, talk about exhibiting! This won't be a one month showing!

I told you from the start I didn't know where blogging would take me, but I was up for the ride. Its been just a few short weeks, maybe not even a full two and its opened new things for me. Don't be afraid to take those unpredictable journeys. Sometimes they'll reap a smile in your heart at a time you might need it most...

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