Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dare to Imagine...

Change. Dare to imagine change. Dare to imagine possibilities. What would happen if...? Open your mind and view the world from a different stand point. Reach out to people you haven't met. See where it leads you. This is exactly what I do. Sometimes I feel like I'm setting seeds of possibility down and in time, some grow.

Yesterday that happened. One grew. I received a phone call from a past friend and collector of my art. For years now a signed Christmas card is all the contact we've shared. What a delight to hear her voice! She is the type of person who instantly energizes your creativity. Do you know people like that? Just being in their presence stimulates you. Its like a giant wave of tingling energy starting at one point and taking over your whole body. I have always loved talking to June. So many creative thoughts go through my mind afterwards. I become a hyper child, unable to focus on one thought. There are too many.

Well June didn't call to simply say hi, though that would have been enough. A seed sewn years ago blossomed. To my surprise she offered me an exhibition at the hospital. Its a 3 year waiting list to exhibit there. I hang in 16 days! That makes it Dec. 26. Yes, a bit challenging, but certainly possible!

All that inventory that collects because art sales are down becomes a welcomed gift at times like these.

So go sew yourself some seeds! Expect nothing in return. Eventually some will grow. New opportunities will emerge. Dare to imagine!

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  1. Susan, I just love and appreciate this about you! You're like a shining star example of dreaming and believing in . . . possibilities. Thanks for being you and thanks for sharing your gift(s) : )


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