Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Write a BLOG?

Last night Mike and I watched Julie & Julia. He suggested I start a blog. Why would I do that, I wondered? Well a good night's sleep later and here I am. I love new experiences, so why not. Usually when you begin something new, much more comes of it than you first imagined. I guess I'm up for the ride...

I'm an oil painter. I can't imagine being anything else. I love it so much that I started teaching a beginner's class several years ago. I wanted to introduce others to this amazing joy. It was a good step. Presently I have many students who come to the house for classes. For me its more like fun than work. Its become a social night, or afternoon depending on the class. In the process of painting the students reveal much of themselves and a wonderful bonding and healing has occurred. I never imagined this when it all began.

I'd love to connect with you. Creativity blossoms when inspirations are shared. An artist's life can be such a disconnected journey. Working diligently day after day, expressing yourself on canvas. It can be a lonely experience. I go to great lengths to connect with other artists. You will soon see. I look forward to sharing some of these experiences with you. Perhaps it will inspire you. Perhaps it will help me grow.

So pick up your brushes or pencils or whatever and move color around! Allow your worries and stress to disappear. Its ok to make time for yourself...


  1. Hi Susan,
    Ton idée de blog est génial, en te lisant je ressens des choses bien identiques, en ce qui concerne la peinture !! Créativité, partage, RÊVES... Je veux lire la suite... Bisous
    Martine Alison

  2. Hello Susan,

    Thanks for getting in touch, yes I just posted my blog - looks to be a great way to make connections with others and show some work. I think your paintings are great! Can you post one on your blog? All the best to you, Ross


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