Friday, December 25, 2009


December 25th... Merry Christmas. Some of us will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Believer or not, one has to admit this man was pretty special. Here it is 2009 years later and he remains in frequent conversations throughout the world. Look at all the fuss to celebrate this day. In the States the stores have been filled with Christmas things since Halloween.

He came to bring us one message. LOVE.

I think its a very good message and I wonder why some people can be in such an outrage over it. Love is important. We all need it. We should all share it. It doesn't cost anything. Its warm and beautiful and comes in every size, shape and color. You are never too young to have it nor too old. I think its the ultimate perfect gift!

Enjoy your celebrations people. Enjoy your gatherings of families and friends. Invite extras who you know are all alone today. The fuller your house is the more love will be floating in it!

Today I'll leave you with a different song. The Beetles, "All you need is love".

all you need is love, love
love is all you need...
love is all you need...

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  1. Doux message d'espoir et d'amour en ce monde perturbé...


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