Friday, December 11, 2009

Find your words

I started to teach my afternoon painting class yesterday and the words I needed to use were just gone. How frustrating! What happens to the brain at these moments when you certainly know what you're talking about, but you can't seem to remember "words"? You stand there like a complete idiot with a perplexed look on your face, mouth wide open and... nothing. Does this ever happen to you? Luckily my students are wonderful and we laughed at my sudden problem, lightening the moment. I think I had so much on my mind that I was a complete scatterbrain! My mind didn't want to focus on any one thing. It was everywhere.

Well class must go on so we proceeded to mix colors and begin painting our sky. Our colors ranged through lovely shades of various blues to magentas and purples to a soft creamy yellow punched with a bit of tangerine. The colors on the palette were enough to arouse the spirit. With brushes in hand the wonderful process of laying color on canvas began. Swirling, blending, dabbing and allowing surprises to happen as we let a few puffy white clouds pass by. Letting go in the enjoyment of watching how the colors interact with each other is the secret to making it look natural. Keep the colors rich and exciting. Give it depth so by the horizon it appears to go on forever.

Somewhere during this process, I realized all of my words had returned. Oh the magical power of paint! Slow down folks. Make time for yourself. No matter how busy you get, when stress is getting the better of you, stop. Just stop. Breath. Take time to do something you love. Its medicine for your spirit. It will energize your brain and in the end you'll function better and accomplish more. You'll be happier and you too will find your words.

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