Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luka Bloom

I promise this won't be the last time I write about Irish singer, song writer, Luka Bloom. ( He's an amazing artist who writes beautiful uplifting songs. His lyrics resonate deep inside you with such inspiring messages, that make you drift off in a "feel good" dreamland. I had the precious pleasure of seeing him live, he would call it a gig, this past June. I haven't stopped listening to his music since.

The longer I listen, the more I'm convinced that he sings about what I'm trying to paint. I know that sounds strange, but its the feeling that I'm talking about. What is inspiring Luka in the world parallels to what inspires me. So much so, that on our visit to Ireland, not only did we go see Luka live, but we actually bumped into him while on a photo shoot. The same places draw us in. Since returning, we bought his documentary. It is such an honest documentary. In it Luka travels us to different places in Ireland. Places that are special to him. Inspiring to him. Watching it was somewhat eerie, because the places it brings us to are all places we went to. It felt like a documentary of our own trip! I believe more that ever we are inspired by the same things. If Luka knew me better, he would understand why I'm saying this.

There is a song that I would like to share with you. Its called, "Don't be afraid of the light that shines within you". I'm mentioning this song because it goes along with my last two entries. Its about the gift we have. Yesterday I asked you to do an act of kindness to someone. Give them a little unexpected gift. Now I'm suggesting you give one to yourself. It will only cost you a dollar, but the lift and inspiration you will receive is immeasurable. Just click on this link and select the album titled Eleven Songs. Scroll down and you'll find it. Its the eleventh song. So special a whole album was named after it...

Be proud of the gift you're given and shine bright with it. Develop this gift and let the world see it beaming from you. Our gifts are given to us to share, so shine bright with yours and go share it with the world!

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