Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sandy Dunn

This is my friend Sandy Dunn, also known as Sandra Leinonen Dunn. Not only is she a wonderful artist, she's a painting!

Don't you think?

(Her photographer husband thinks she's a photograph...) Its inspiring just being around her. Sandy is very gifted, intelligent, wonderfully kind and giving. I really enjoy our limited time together. We're meeting today for lunch. I'm so excited! Its been since before my trip to Ireland this past fall that we've seen each other. Schedules get in the way...

Getting together is always creative stimulation. I know I'll return energized with wonderful new ideas. Its always the case. Don't you love it when ideas just flow with positive energy? It nourishes your spirit. Nourishes your soul.

We've exhibited in two-person shows many times. I remember one exhibit we titled "Pear-ing up", for Sandy is known for her unusual colorful pears. Currently we exhibit together at a local music lessons establishment. Sandy loves to play the violin and incorporates her pears to paint pear-shaped violins! They are quite different and popular. Maine Street Music Lessons is a great place to exhibit these unusual pieces.

Sandy and I love to paint together. Whether from each other's studios or out painting plein air in fragrant gardens , we compliment each other, supporting and lending advise. I know her help has aided my advancement in plein air works. Constructive criticism can be so helpful. Hopefully we can get together to paint again soon...

Do you have special artists that you paint with, exchange ideas with? Its wonderful to find someone who you trust to give you sound advise when you need it most. Art is such a personal thing. You reveal something very deep about yourself. It can be difficult being critiqued. When two people can function well in that situation, both gaining from the experience, its a gift.

Sandy lives one hour away, but she's my "near-by" gift. I'm very glad we found each other...

I'd like to leave you with her cheerful flowers. Hope they make you smile...


  1. I love your hollyhocks, so bright and freshing. Nice clean colors.

  2. I don't have anyone that I can paint or create things with... yet. Does my almost 4 year old count? haha unfortunately his attention span isn't quite there yet. How lucky for you two to have found each other. You are right about getting your work critiqued... even by someone truly only wanting to help. I find I don't show people a lot of my work, it is very personal.

    Her work is beautiful, as is the photo of her.

  3. I hope you was very happy with Sandy yesterday. Did you paint with her ?

  4. No, we didn't have time to paint together yesterday, but we plan to in the near future! Our visit was very nice...


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