Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slowing down

Slowing Down
by Susan Roux
Original oil painting 18x24"

Sticking with yesterday's "warm thoughts" theme, I've decided to post a painting I did last year. I had such fun working layer upon layer of colorful transparent washes. Eventually the shallow water began to looked wet. The photo doesn't do it justice. This painting and the application of color is what led to my current series of "children at the beach".

I painted this during one of my classes. My students had chosen different poses from this same photo shoot and so we all had similar light and colors in our water. Class meets once a week and my painting dried completely between layers. I was fascinated how continued applications of washes reacted with the layers beneath. I remember working several weeks in this thin state.

The composition was interesting. I liked the way the water twisted and turned as it led to the figure. The title came easy. My method of painting was slowed. The pose was calm and restful. It reminded me how people come to the beach on vacation and leave their troubles behind. The sounds, the smells, everything about the beach contributes to a relaxed restful state. The crashing waves, one after another, become hypnotic. The sun heats our bodies and eventually we begin to relax. The world slows down. We slow down. I chose this pose because it captured this idea so well.

Slowing down...

Isn't it what we all want to do when life gets too hectic? I hope you're taking time to slow down. Its when the importance of little things comes to light. When we learn to appreciate simple pleasures. The mind clears out the chaos and focus follows. The ability to focus on one single element, like a breaking wave, with nothing else in the way. Its so restful.

Please don't feel guilty for slowing down. Its ok to rest. Its ok to stop once in awhile. Clarity will happen and you'll wind up accomplishing more in the end.

I wish you a restful day.


  1. Hi Susan, So glad you came by my blog 'cuz I never would have found yours.! You are a great painter, your seashore w/ the figure is wonderful. I like to paint tropical more than any other subject. If you get a chance, I'm seeking a critique! Since you are a teacher, you may have some thoughts. Thanks, Sue

  2. Je veux très prochainement pouvoir musarder avec toi sur tes longues plages, respirer l'air du large, oublier les maux de la vie, se retrouver soi afin de pouvoir créer. Oublier pour mieux se souvenir de l'essentiel...


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