Saturday, January 9, 2010

John Morris

Meet Irish artist, John Morris.

I found John over the internet before going to Ireland. Of the many I contacted, he is one of a few that replied to my emails. Over the course of four months, our continued interactions brought us closer and by the time my vacation arrived, my husband and I were invited to come to his home.

My December post titled "Meeting the people" is a good introduction to this story.

Susan Roux and John Morris

I remember it like it was just yesterday. How excited I was when the day of our meeting finally came! We drove well out of our way to get to his home. The scenery was beautiful, but all I could think of was finally meeting John! Just thinking of coming into his home, visiting his studio, his art, his family, had my blood surging and tingling, it was hard to sit still.

The moment was finally here!

When we arrived in his town, he came to meet us. A quick exchange of location and car color over the phone and then Mike and I sat in the car waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting... We waited perhaps less then five minutes, but it felt like half a day. I was like a child waiting for Christmas to arrive! John drove up beside our parked car. A quick wave and we were off following him to his home. This was really happening! I couldn't stop giggling and smiling.

I'm certain we were all a bit nervous, but in minutes a comfort fell over us like a warm blanket. It was as though we had been friends for years. Two artists, worlds apart, with so much in common. We entered through his studio. Art was everywhere. Don't you just love walking into someone else's studio?
There's so much to stimulate the eye!

We couldn't stop talking.

John showed me everything.

He showed me how he saves all his unused paint by putting it in empty tubes.
I didn't even know there was such a thing.

We exchanged art.

We discussed art.

We sat for tea in his beautiful home. His wonderful wife gave me a tour of their art-filled rooms and the outdoor garden. John's youngest sons were a bit shy. I'm sure they wondered what all the excitement was over some strange people coming from the USA. We came with gifts for them. A signed CD and T-shirts of Mike's son's group, Sparks the Rescue. That helped. When John's oldest son arrived, he was very interested in our visit. I could see a future businessman in the making. He stood erect with shoulders back, holding his head high as he spoke. You couldn't miss his air of confidence. How I wished I had been like that at his young age. Already, at 15, he'd begun a little business of selling chickens. This boy will go far...

The day passed too quickly. No one wanted to part. Hopefully someday John and his family will come visit us in Maine. I'm certain we will remain friends in contact for years to come.

I keep telling you to go meet strangers. I do. It's a wonderful experience...


  1. Isn't it amazing how we as a people want to interact with one another? Even in this age of electronics that keep us hidden in behind our computers at home... that we continually try to connect with others. Even more amazing is the connection between kindred spirits such as artists and the lengths that some go to to secure that connection. I think your friendship with John is amazing. Thank you for sharing this story, I loved it.

  2. Grrrrrrrrrr je recommence mon commentaire internet fait des folies!!
    Je suis convaincue que tu auras de nombreuses occasions de renouveler cette merveilleuse expérience. Tu aimes ça, tu en as besoin pour avancer dans ton art et y prendre des repaires.
    Mais la prochaine fois, je voudrais que tu trouves une petites places dans tes bagages pour moi. J'en ai assez de faire la petite mouche ! Bisous


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