Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Purple teapot

Thanks for the interest in my teapot. Your comments are very uplifting. I began my blog hoping to inspire and uplift you, but here it is doing the old switch-e-roo. A pleasant surprise and I thank you.

I had no idea what I would write this morning but Jamie Haney's ( comment sparked me to continue to elaborate on my teapot. Isn't there always a story behind the objects we choose for our still life's? Funny how without thinking, we navigate towards those things that have special meaning to us. Jamie asked for a continuation of the teapot story. What will I do with the painting now? Hang it? Sell it? Cram it in the back of the studio somewhere???

The thing is, the continuing story behind the teapot is not after the painting, but before.

I bought this teapot when shopping with my middle son, Josh. It was so unusual to be out shopping with him. If you have boys, you'll understand. Or perhaps this unwilling to go shopping is just my boys... You see, I hate to shop. I know its probably wrong for a woman to feel like this, but I would prefer to be home painting. (Or anywhere painting...) But on this particular day, Josh and I were out shopping together and the chore became fun.

Josh was returning to college and needed cooking supplies for his new apartment. He loves to cook so really it was a lot of fun to get him supplied. We started at Marden's, a very inexpensive store that purchases close-outs. Its hit or miss, but a good place to begin. Our shopping cart was filled with everything from pots and pans to utensils to a large cutting board that resembled mine. Suddenly we noticed this teapot. I picked it up. I thought it was beautiful. The glossy pottery in rich deep hues with the swinging bamboo handle was so charming. The price was seven dollars. I opened it, examined it, caressed the smoothness with my hand and placed it back on the shelf.

Josh reacted abruptly. "Why are you putting it back on the shelf? You need to buy it!"

He was right. I had just redone my kitchen/dining room in Tuscany style and this purple teapot matched it perfectly. Yes believe it or not, I've painted part of my kitchen in this deep purple, but that's another story... The color purple is in fact a story in itself. (maybe a whole volume!!!)

The teapot has its permanent home, center stage on my room divider, just above my stove. I look at it all the time and remember that special day Josh and I went shopping together. I think of how, for a mere seven dollars, I would have lost this precious reminder had it not been for him urging me to buy something for myself.

The little purple bowl was a gift from my very special neighbor. That too is another story...

So to answer your question Jamie, yes the painting is for sale. All my paintings are for sale. I don't think I feel comfortable bringing it to my galleries, for it doesn't resemble any of my other work. Sad to say, but it might end up in the back of my studio...

Or perhaps it will be a gift to Josh someday.

Purple Teapot 12x16" original oil painting $500. + shipping unframed


  1. lovely story, just put it for sale on your blog. it is a wonderful outlet to sell our work, especially our experimental pieces... caterina

  2. Je connaissais la petite et belle histoire qui te lie à cette théière. Et je suis certaine que ce lien si fort t'a portée à la réussite de sa création. Bises

  3. oh I couldn't sell it after hearing that story! You've got to give it to Josh! What a nice piece for him to have when he is older to remember his mom by :) Not to talk so much about you kicking the bucket... but you should also leave him the teapot to go with the painting and I think a nice touch would be to print out or write out, that is so much more personal, this very story you've shared with us. Thanks for the link :) ~Jaime


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