Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ocean Roses

Ocean Roses
(in progress by Susan Roux)

This is an unfinished painting. I'm working on it with my beginner students. I wanted to give you a glimpse at the wonderful work they do. I hope to keep you posted at different intervals, to the completed painting. If my students allow, I'll post their finished paintings as well.

This is the work of my Tuesday night class. These students have painted only one painting, the beginner class this fall. A few students have ventured out to paint on their own at home, but for the most part, this is their second painting. My more advanced class thought I was brutal to give such a complicated scene to beginners. Honestly, I think they are doing marvelous with it so far.

Five students follow along as I explain colors, placement, composition and the "why" behind everything I have them do. We've worked on this for 3 sessions now, for a total of 6 hours. I've been so impressed with how well they've progressed. Each session, we cover more than I imagined we would.

Classes are fun and exciting. The jokes, laughs and giggles fly around the room continually keeping spirits light and playful. I think part of that "fun" shows up on our canvases. It affects the colors we choose and the relaxed brushstroke we use. The biggest challenge for me is to simplify everything so much that it can be understood and done even by a beginner. With each class I teach, the simplification gets easier.

We scribble paint. We scribble lots of paint! I get accused of being a very good scribbler, but you will be surprised to see their end products...

They scribble well too!

I am under the belief that anyone can do this. All that is needed is the desire. Perhaps they wouldn't all have the ability to become masters, but certainly enough to enjoy the process and be pleased with the end result. I'm very thankful for my students. They are a big part of my life and I look forward to their coming every week. Its been such a rewarding experience for me.

So my students, if you're reading, thank you...


  1. I learned to paint in that type of an atmosphere...sharing, caring, and most of all FUN! I eventually taught at the same Art Shop where I took lessons. I miss it....

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to find someone like yourself to get some lessons in with. What would one expect to pay for a beginning class similar to yours? Are you teaching in your home? I look forward to see more art in progress... I love to see the process. Have a beautiful Sunday... ~Jaime

  3. Hier après-midi j'ai suivi une émission télévisée, à cause ou grâce à la neige que nous avons actuellement. C'était une émission qui recevait la commédienne de théâtre Michèle Bernier, fille du Professeur Choron qui n'en avait que le nom!
    Elle est géniale, la cinquantaine comme nous, elle met une claque au temps qui passe et à tous ceux qui nous le rappellent...comme toi ma Susan. Il suffit de te voir, de te parler... alors tes cours comment pourraient-ils être tristes, sans saveur ? IMPOSSIBLE. Donc les résultats ne peuvent que rejaillir sur les toiles de tes élèves et très certaienement sur leur moral général. Réussite assurée et progrès fulgurants... J'adhère. Bises


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