Friday, January 22, 2010

Splashing color

Do you ever wake up and feel your creative energy surging? I'm hardly awake, still sipping my coffee, and I can tell its going to be a painting day. I have this urge to yank off my bulky bathrobe and run downstairs to my studio and splash color around!

I've been seriously immersed in my children at the beach series. I'm feeling the pending deadlines for delivery, though they're several months away. I hope to shed that feeling and just let my creativity flow. Ever notice how your work can change when you think about it too much or put some special expectations on yourself? Maybe that's why I'm painting like a mad woman lately. I don't want the approaching deadlines to affect my work. I want to be prepared in advanced!

That could be high hopes...

I have five canvases in the drying stage and I'm dying to jump back in! Being patient until they're set to my liking is proving to be difficult. I look at all my splashed color and it stimulates me. Lately I laugh at the evolution my work is taking. My process is starting out so wild, uninhibited and abstract. Much like the little children I'm painting. At some point I need to pull it all together and calm things down. Its as though I need to stop playing like a kid and start being the responsible adult!

Don't you hate that?

I'm posting images of both stages and you'll laugh at what I'm telling you. Funny how while painting the subject, I'm becoming my subject. Didn't they tell us this in art school? Or was that for acting? "Don't paint the tree. Be the tree..." Honestly being the "child" seems much easier to do.

Yesterday I sketched another. My thought is if I have enough of them in progress, at least one will be dry enough to continue... My studio space suffers from it, but my creative energy is exploding!

I wish you explosive creativity today. Be like a child and have fun splashing color around! Much like exercise, your energy level will rise...

Tap onto that joy in your heart and let it pour out of you!

Making Ripples 20x10" original oil painting by Susan Roux
Untitled work in progress 20x10"


  1. I'm very happy when you want to paint a lot... I know it's a good bandage for your soul like me...
    And i love your large family !! Kisses

  2. wellll this is why I am a "direct" or alla prima painter--I have no patience for painting in stages! I love you girl in the water. Masterful! her reflection is so good. Top Notch!

  3. Wonderful paintings. I can feel the playfulness.


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