Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ocean Roses 2

Ocean Roses
Susan Roux painting in progress...

This is a continuation of last week's post titled Ocean Roses. I wanted to show you the painting in progress as it develops with my class. When teaching a beginning class, I simplify things differently than if I were painting alone. When I run across similar elements in a painting that other classes have struggled with, I search for new ways to simplify it further.

Last class we concentrated on our flowers. We began by placing the yellow centers. Rugosa roses are structured differently than florist roses. I find it necessary to point out the structure of something before we paint it. If your subject is not understood, its very difficult to paint it correctly. These particular flowers are cup-shaped and have few petals. Class was very familiar with these coastal beauties and the grand perfume even one blossom can give off. How wonderful it would have been to have a bowl of them on the table! The fragrance alone would have aided in capturing the spirit, the essence of these delicate delights.

We painted them from outside in, pulling each petal towards our yellow centers. This gave us control over the outside shape, but allowed us to let the brush flow gently and freely towards the center. Paint them too rigidly and you loose the dainty properties of a flower all together...

After finishing blocking in the blossoms, we had time to begin the greenery. We focused on the bulging form of the plant, moving values from dark to light. Time ran out and it left the incomplete painting at a strange stage to stare at all week. I don't think I ever left greenery to sit like this before. It will be interesting to return to it next class and connect it like a unified form. Teaching has a way of presenting its own unique challenges...

Its part of what keeps it exciting, challenging and fun!

I'll keep you posted on our progression as we bring our painting to its end.

After class, two students had fun painting a different canvas. Paul has been using his sweatshirt as a cleaning rag, continually wiping his brushes on himself. During class he mentioned he should use the excess pink shades and paint a heart over the greying strokes on his shirt.

Jen proceeded to help him accomplish this...

Nothing wrong with a little fun...

Don't take your art too seriously. It will be better if you take time to relax and have fun with it!

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  1. Dearest Susan~

    I am back up and running since my old Gateway Notebook caught that nasty "Storm Worm Virus" last week and it ate my entire hard drive. I lost everything. I now have a new Dell Studio 17 laptop, new Internet Security and a huge supply of data sticks to put my work on so this never happens again.

    I love the Ocean Roses....this is beautiful.

    I just read your post about your niece and will keep her in my prayers.

    LuLu Kellogg


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