Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcoming Flowers
Original oil painting by Susan Roux

I've been blogging for 46 days and this is my 45 post. I remember when I started, I had no idea where this would take me. In my own words, "I was up for the ride..."

Its good when you try something new.

New ideas develop from it. In this case, new acquaintances, emerging friends, stimulation, daily art exhibits to view and participate in and lots and lots of helpful information. I was unaware of the connection, the large web of interaction, bloggers have. As I asked a lot of questions, this supportive family patiently explained it to me. So now a month and a half into it, I'm seeing the picture and I like what I see.

I've even encouraged new people to start blogging! I don't have intensions of stopping anytime soon. Another delightful surprise was in recording my journeys, it forced me to really remember details that I would otherwise loose. Now I've preserved them. They will remain here for myself and others to reread at anytime.

When I began, Jamie Haney wrote me a lovely email answering my questions and more. In it she talked about her favorite type of blog. They were the ones that included both art and writing. She said, "I like a blog that is like coming into a friends house and sitting down at the kitchen table with a nice glass of iced tea and having a chat and learning more from this new or old friend."

Wow. I really liked what she said. I wrote it down so I'd remember. It left me with a wonderful feeling. At the time I didn't quite understand how it could be like visiting a friend, but there is something about continually returning to someone's blog that is now resembling this for me. I know in time these connections will grow and I'll be richer for it.

I keep finding out about followers who never identify themselves. If that's you, come join in the fun. There is much more to blogging than what sits on the surface. It isn't until one begins that this magical connection of supporting people comes to light. Take a look around. You'll find many different types of blogs. Maybe one will inspire you to start...

Welcoming Flowers is a painting I did with one of my art classes. Its at my front door. I thought it appropriate for this post. I'd like to invite you in.

Would you like a cup of tea?


  1. Tea, Earl Grey with lots of sugar please! 46 quality posts in 45 days is a great achievement. Well done.

  2. Hi Susan, I'm like you. I thought I'd give this blogging thing a chance. I started blogging around the start of the year. It's great. I love the connections I'm making with other artists. I spend way too much time looking at their beautiful creations but I'm slowly starting to discipline myself to only so much time per day.

    I really enjoy coming to your blog.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I just discovered your blog and I can see it's one I would like to come back and visit. I've been blogging for over a year now and have found it to be much more rewarding than I ever thought. I like what Jamie said too. I like the mix of art and writing together in a blog post!

    I'll be back to visit again. Thanks for the virtual cup of tea! :)

  4. Please a cup of tea with little cakes and why not some marmelade. It's a godd idea to begin a good painting's day ! No?? Everything on a beautiful tea tray with a delight set and the embroidered napkins... I'm dreaming...


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