Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Treasure hunt

Watercolor by Fernando Artal

I'm really enjoying blogging. Not only is there the fun of letting out some of the many things in my head, but there is the adventure, the scavenger hunt, of exploring all the wonderful things that you have put up to share. Wasted moments sitting at my computer have been transformed into explorations.

You stimulate me. You encourage me. You inspire me.

Somedays I find myself going to paint so I can have something to show you. I suspect the same is true for some of you as well. Especially those who've signed on as daily painters. Wow, its a huge commitment and I admire the dedication it takes to accomplish this. As someone who doesn't paint daily, much less finish a painting daily, you inspire me to go to my studio.

Yesterday I did just that.

My painting is well on it's way. In shades of yellow and blue my model dances at the beach. I'll share her later when she's done. This one is not a child. I keeping you in suspense?

While breaking for tea, I visited your blogs. It helps to keep my painting energy at its peek, even in my down time. I came upon Fernando Artal's work. I was very taken by it and I wanted to share it with you. He is from Spain and his blog is in spanish. Fortunately for me, most of his posts are paintings, so the language is not a problem. He has 23 followers. I suspect many of you have not found him yet. Therefore, I've decided to share my treasure hunt find with you. His watercolors are unlike anything I've ever seen. I tried to leave a comment, but it malfunctioned. He doesn't know I'm posting about him...

I want to return to work on my beach dancer. I left her skin half finished yesterday and I really want to complete it with the same colors...

Thanks for keeping me stimulated on my down time. Keep creating, posting and blogging. We all benefit from each other!

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  1. J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce petit moment de peinture ensemble le ma dollhouse via ta maison grâce à skype... Maintenant je viens de passer un succulent moment en lisant ton blog et en allant fouiller le blog de "Fernando". Nous voyangeons beaucoup et pour pas cher !! Je t'offre une tasse de thé ? It's ready... Ensuite je vais faire de la pâtisserie : les bugnes, tradition française et surtout lyonnaise et stéphanoise. Bisous.


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