Monday, January 25, 2010

Shifting art

Original oil painting 30x40"
by Susan Roux

France. The medieval villages of France... An inner warmth overcomes me just thinking about it. Its one of the places on my "must-return" list. I blogged about it in December when I mentioned my artist friend Martine-Alison who lives there. One of these days I need to introduce her to you...

I painted this on a large gallery-wrapped canvas with the painting continuing around the thick edges. Its fun to peek and see the roses extend their dainty climbing dance and the buildings, doorways and walkways continue. It gives it space. I like that it isn't framed. At 30x40", it becomes an addition to a room and it feels like you could just walk in! I think a frame would confine it, separate it; halting some of this openness quality it has. I titled it Welcome due to this pull it has to make you want to just step inside.

Its currently exhibited at Central Maine Medical Center until the end of this week. I heard a write-up about the show was in the local papers, but since I don't get the paper, I never saw it. Today I accidently stumbled upon it. Here it is if you'd like to read it. I thought it would be my artist statement, but was pleased to find only elements of it. The revised version made for a better news article. Thanks June for that!

Several of my France paintings will then be hung at Maine Street Music Lessons. Next week I'll be "curating", reorganizing, shifting, deleting and hanging. I think the France paintings will compliment Sandy Dunn's violin paintings better than what is currently there. The color palettes are similar. If I remember to bring my camera, I'll take pictures to post later for you.

Have you been busy shifting art lately? My studio could use some shifting too, but that's for another day...

Whether you're shifting art, creating art or dreaming about art, I hope you enjoy your day!


  1. It's nice to get a mention in the press. Here it's always hit and miss. My last local exhibition had a photographer but they didn't bother publishing the story. So it goes. Good luck with the show!

  2. Doux souvenirs parmi les ruelles de Pérouges. As-tu planté les graines de certaines fleurs qu'on avait trouvées lors de notre promenade ? Bisous


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