Monday, January 4, 2010

Roof Windows

My studio has roof windows. What an awesome way to have light pouring into your work space! I was surprised how different the light was coming from above as opposed to vertical windows. Even when its raining, there's ample light to work from. They're quite amazing.

I really like my roof windows.

A multiple-day snow storm finally ended yesterday. We got about a foot of the heavy white stuff. Though beautiful and inspiring, it plays havoc with my "light from above". My studio doesn't become totally dark. Light still filters in through all that snow. But painting with natural light becomes impossible. So out I go to clear the snow...

Luckily my roof comes down low...

At the beginning of the season, it isn't a hard job to tackle. Some years the level of the snow is over the roof's edge and it becomes a different story. But no matter how difficult the snow removal job is I always go let my precious light in.

I can't quite reach the top ones, but get my wood stove cranking and the rest will slide off.

Today the light will be perfect for painting!

So if you find yourself with snow on your rooftop or cobwebs in your attic, don't let it block out your light. Always remember light from above is always the best light, so don't be afraid to let it in...



  1. Hi Susan, thank you very much for your email.

    What a snowfall you have there!

    Your blog looks really nice - but your website is also great! I myself have no idea which is the better way. But for mem blog is just easier to update.

    Happy new year!

  2. Hi Susan,
    It's very beautiful to see your snow, but i prefer to be without it! only the sun...
    Yesterday the snow arrived here too. Il est vrai que la luminosité aujourd'hui qu'il neige moins est pure et vive, mais tout de même un verre de punch à la main sur un transat à l'ombre des arbres!!!! Peindre en plein nature, alors là c'est encore mieux !
    Tu as beaucoup de courage... pour ça tu devrais être médaillée!

  3. wow, what a lot of snow! we have had an unusual amount of snow in the UK but nothing like your pics! keep safe and warm, lovely art works , i shall keep popping back to take a look xx jenny

  4. I am envious! your studio is wonderful! I haven't a studio, this is my dream....


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