Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old friends

I received a Christmas card in December from an old friend. We had lost touch for several years and the surprise of her card filled with thoughtful, tender words brought the past rushing in.

She lives nearby and we used to spend a great deal of time together. She's an artist and we painted and laughed and talked and cried in each others company, sometimes in each others arms. She was my best friend for a decade and longer. Its odd how changes in our lives can slowly pull people apart. Back then I would have never believed there would come a time when we would loose communication altogether.

But it happened. Do you have dear friends with whom this has happened to you too?

I was busy when the card arrived. I made a mental note to contact her after the holidays. When I removed the hanging cards from around my doorway, I set hers aside as a reminder to call. I did. I reached the answering machine. Several days passed and yesterday I received a call back from her.

Funny how time apart disappears when friends reconnect.

So much to catch up on! We couldn't stop talking. Next week we are meeting for lunch. I suspect it will be a long lunch...

Just yesterday as well, Josh called telling me of an old grade-school friend who emailed him out of the blue. His friend was in Iraq. I wondered what made him think of Josh, being so far away. He must be lonely. He must miss home. How wonderful it was that when he found comfort in his thoughts, it was about time spent with Josh... Josh hasn't seen him in years. Now he can't wait until his friend returns so he can visit with him.

I don't know what jars people to reach out to old friends, but I'm thankful it happens. It warms the heart and puts a smile on our face. The first thing my friend said to me over the phone after saying my name was, "Oh, I really missed that laugh!" I wish next week's lunch date was today...


  1. I love when this happens. Today, it seems like so many people are held back from reconnecting. They're uptight or 'too busy' to connect. It's always nice to be on either end of finding an old friend.

  2. I too, have lost touch with one that I considered my best friend. Marriage, a baby and about 700 miles came between us. She has since moved back, but we are not close like we were. But when we do see each other, it as if time never passed. She was the first one I went to the day my mother died this past October.

  3. I have a friend, this happened to us too. She is from High School and she was also a bridesmaid in my wedding 40 years ago. She called me 3years ago on my anniversary, we met for lunch and it seems our lives were never separated by time. We talk daily and see each other often. I think she was brought back into my life by devine timing. Not six months after our reconnecting, she lost her father, her mother and then her husband in two months time. I was there for her tears and questions and we got through it all together. We still feel our journey together is forever.

  4. Meandering Thoughts,
    Thank you for sharing. I love happy endings!


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